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Exposure to changes in interest rate, currency, equity and commodity markets is a fact of life but effectively measuring and managing those risks can mean the difference between profitability and loss. Selecting the product and risk hedging strategy that makes sense for a particular company is something that IBCG can do for your business.

Risk identification
Financial risk management starts with an evaluation of corporate objectives

Evaluation of corporate objectives
Identifying the primary objective and constraints
Consequences of risk management inaction

Risk assessment

There are numerous ways to measure realized loss or to estimate future expected losses. Some of the techniques that we use are:

Stress testing, uses and limitations
Value at Risk variations and limitations
Monte Carlo simulation and other "what if" methodologies?
Risk Budgeting, and the asset-liability management process
Use of multiple methods


IBCG customized packages and use of derivatives in commodity, currency, interest and other markets can help the company to effectively reduce risk.  Regardless of what the business is, IBCG offers complete solutions to hedge from purchases to sales, currency to interest rates and everything in between, utilizing capabilities offered in the global markets.