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IBCG is a Cyprus based independent energy consultancy & business development company specializing in

worldwide renewable energy projects. Our goal is value creation. We focus on acquisitions and development of PV projects,

which generate and add value for the investors. We believe that value is created, when the project's..../..read more

Business Development


IBCG ltd, through its team of professionals, combined with extensive contacts and an impressive track record, ensures a complete range of comprehensive business development services for the Cyprus, Greek as well as the wider South Eastern European market.../..read more


Project Management


IBCG offers solutions for complete project management, ensuring successful and profitable projects. Its professionals can undertake key roles and provide an effective and cost efficient solution for specific projects that add value to the company. IBCG is in the position to suggest solutions on a turn-key basis.../..read more


We act as agent for Pemco Lubricants. For any further info or inquiry please contract us. PEMCO, with a production capacity of 400t per day, has been present on the oil market for more than 20 years. Since then, she has been constantly evolving, and as a result, the level and quality of the products has increased....../..read more

IBCG ltd provides global advisory services to investors relating to the set-up and management of a Private Equity and Real Assets Investments in Cyprus , Greece and other markets in the EMEA region. IBCG ltd team currently advise, support and assist clients and investors, who seek to expand into the European market and/or further professionalize their private equity and real assets investing .../..read more

Exposure to changes in interest rate, currency, equity and commodity markets is a fact of life but effectively measuring and managing those risks can mean the difference between profitability and loss. Selecting the product and risk hedging strategy that makes sense for a particular company is something that IBCG can do for your business.../..read more


Our goal is value creation We focus on deals (acquisitions) and development of PV projects, which generate value for the investors. We believe that value is created,  when the project’s return on invested capital is higher than the project’s weighted average cost of capital and its FCF (free cash flow) has a positive growth rate../..read more