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IBCG is specializing in worldwide renewable energy projects.

Our goal is value creation We focus on deals (acquisitions) and development of PV projects, which generate value for the investors. We believe that value is created,  when the project’s return on invested capital is higher than the project’s weighted average cost of capital and its FCF (free cash flow) has a positive growth rate.

Our core business is to develop, build, & sell photovoltaic projects to investors who are looking for a return on invested capital based on a steady cash flow stream during the lifecycle of a PV project. 

IBCG provides the following range of services per development stage

Development Stage 1


• Country analysis of macroeconomics and PV market policies

• Identify PV project development and/or acquisition opportunities

• Preliminary project evaluation & project due diligence




Development Stage 2



• Financial modeling for non recourse  project finance and for investor’s decision

• Assessment of the bankability of the project

• Risk evaluation per project & Check list of main issues to be resolved

• Electricity market report and spot market historical prices with future forecasts


Development Stage 3



• List of relevant permits – authorization applicable to solar projects

• Securing the Feed in Tariff and/or Preparation of PPA

• Bankability of the Environmental Impact assessment (EIA)

• Other PV project related issues such as: grid connection, access to PV plant, substation, evacuation lines, irrigation, etc. 

Development Stage 4



• Identify potential investors for acquisition of turn-key PV project

• Structuring of STA, tax structure and relevant certifications

• Drafting and negotiation of Developer’s agreement, EPC Contract, O&M Contract